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Indonesia's Silangit Airport Spoils Tourists with Full Digital-Based Services

RANTAU AMMAN -- Newly inaugurated Silangit International Airport in North Sumatra has introduced its full digital based services to welcome tourists, who are expected to flock to the province primarily to visit Lake Toba.

Since launching its international facilities late last month, Silangit Airport, which has a capacity of 500,000 passengers per year, has introduced its world class digital services, said state-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura (AP II) Muhammad Awaluddin.

He said Silangit was the pioneer of the Smart Airport program that was being developed by the company to improve services in airports under its management.

Among the modern facilities include digital airport bus schedules, e-payment systems, a wifi.id corner and smart baggage claim – a facility to monitor the position of passengers' baggage.

“The airport is also equipped with tourism information kiosks that give a wide range of information about activities in the nearby areas,” said Awaluddin as reported over the weekend, adding that all the facilities have been available since the international airport was launched on Oct. 28.

He added that although the capacity of Silangit Airport was not large, AP II had equipped it with full-digital infrastructure. “We developed the Silangit International Airport to become the veranda [of Lake Toba] that is friendly to both foreign and domestic tourists,” he added. (source)

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